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Adjustable Cat Harness Set

Adjustable Cat Harness Set

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This cat leash is made of high-quality materials, so you can safely take your cat on the road. While other lines are easy to escape, this harness is not. With the cat properly and comfortably secured in the harness, you no longer have to worry about escapes. Thanks to the combination of a good harness and a nice leash, walking your cat will be a pleasure!

  • Safe Reflective Design: Reflective strips ensure your kitten is highly visible and keep your pet safe at night. When the light shines on the chest strap, the reflective strap on it will reflect the light.

  • Double Escape-Proof Design: The cat harness escape-proof set features the magic tape and back buckle design for secure closure to stop the cat slip out. The sturdy D-rings and the 360° rotatable swivel hook link the harness and leash together. This allows the cat to move quite freely and is easy to adapt.
  • Adjustable Cat Harness Vest: The harness is adjustable, you can adjust it according to the size of your pet, and it fits most cats.

  • Matching leash: The set contains a leash, and the color and style of the leash are consistent with the cat harness; The length of the leash is about 5 feet/1.5 meters, which can fully meet the needs of you and your cat for outdoor walking. The handle of the leash is made of super soft and comfortable material, which makes you feel comfortable when walking the cat.
Size/cm Rope length/m Bust/cm Neck circumference/cm Recommended weight/kg
S 1.5 24-28 20-24 2
M 1.5 28-32 24-28 4
L 1.5 32-36 28-30 7.5


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