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Floating Hair Comb Brush

Floating Hair Comb Brush

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3-in-1 Multifunctionality

The Floating Hair Comb Brush is like a cute superhero, combining electric steam, a super adorable pet care brush, and a hair removal comb. It's sure to make your furry friend feel loved and pampered from head to paw!

 Soothing Massage Function

With its adorable massage capabilities, the brush provides a comfortable and cozy experience for your furry friend during the grooming process, promoting relaxation and enhancing the bond. Don't hesitate, let your pet unwind and strengthen the cuteness connection!  

Efficient Electric Spray

The electric mist feature makes grooming super adorable, creating a gentle mist like a soft cloud to soothe the grooming process and keep your pet's fur looking its absolute cutest! 

 Quality Materials for Safe Grooming

This super cute cat spray brush is crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, making it incredibly sturdy and durable. It always keeps your little furball's coat soft and shiny. Rest assured, it promises a safe and comfy grooming experience for both you and your adorable feline friend!


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